Bayer launches updated Pest Partner app

Bayer launches updated Pest Partner app

The Bayer Pest Solutions Team is launching a new, advanced version of its Pest Partner app. It incorporates the best of the existing app, with the addition of new features that improve the user experience.

The Pest Partner app is available to download for free from 7 February 2020, replacing the existing one. Developed as a tool that pest controllers can draw on during their daily work, the app is a source of essential pest information, control advice as well as full product and treatment information.

Tim Peeling, Bayer professional pest solutions product manager, says this unique tool is simple to use and easily accessible on all app stores.

“There is a new quick-access feature that takes the user straight to the information needed while on the job.

“Just select the problematic pest from the menu and immediately access the best approach for successful control and view full information on all our products from the same window,” he explains.

“Another updated feature is the dosage calculator,” he says. “With the ability to enter the treatment area measurements and the selected product, the app will automatically calculate the correct application rate.

“This is not only incredibly handy but gives essential treatment information to offer reassurance on dosage accuracy,” adds Tim.
“The ‘ask an expert’ feature has also been reinvigorated meaning that users can now get excellent advice, quickly and easily.”

Tim confirms the new app replaces the existing Pest Partner app, so it must be downloaded again as the previous version is unavailable from the 23 January.

For more information please click here or contact the Pest Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451 or email