Another year for the industry

At the end of her first year as editor of PCN, Sadie Baldwin looks back over the past twelve months.

It has been an interesting year and I have been blown over by the commitment of all the people who I have spoken to. Exhibitions, workshops, breakfast meetings as well as the many training courses that are on offer. This is really active industry.

In January, we saw the launch of the Government subsidised Project SOE which resulted in a thousand pesticide stores being cleared of over forty tons of redundant pesticides. So successful was the scheme that the Project has been extended and will continue for the next six months to collect and dispose of redundant chemicals at a very cost-effective rate.

The Chemicals Regulation Directorate released its response to the consultation on the Sustainable Use Directive and basically said that it was happy with the position as it is at the moment, subject to certain changes involving CPD schemes.

In March, a luncheon was held at the RSPH offices in London to recognise the first candidates to have passed the Level 2 Certificate in Pest Management. It was organised by Killgerm in recognition of the fact that they had carried out the first training course under the new system.

In April, Killgerm took over the business of Paragon and later in the year Essex Environmental took over the business of Industrial Pesticides. In London, BPCA organised the 2011 Pest-Ex which was an undoubted success with over 1,600 visitors.

In Asia, PestWest set up a company in China and in August the International Conference on Urban Pests was successfully held in Brazil.

In November, NPTA organised another very informative and well attended PestTech, which was followed by an excellent Pest Control Dinner at which Andy Adams, David Cross, Graham White, Julie Gilles, Raymond Harrop and Roger Quy were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This year, Wildlife Aware accredited its 100th member and the BASIS PROMPT scheme reached 1000 members.

There are so many other reports of successful meetings and events that the above is a short report on the year. I am really looking forward to 2012 and want to thank everyone for making 2011 so interesting and active.