BASIS PROMPT looks to the future by embracing pest management approach

A register set up to encourage pest technicians to invest in training is urging them to change the way they approach their work by formally recognising the industry’s need to provide a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix.

BASIS PROMPT, a 4,796-strong register of pest control operatives, has unveiled a new strapline “Registering Excellence in Pest Management” to help it attract new members and increase its influence in the industry.

Backed by the pest control industry and Government, the PROMPT register provides independent proof that its members are properly trained and are constantly updating their CPD in order to drive up standards in the industry.

However, as part of this mission it wanted to formally recognise how the industry is shifting away from a pest control to a pest management approach increasingly viewing the business of dealing with unwanted rodents and insects as a long-term partnership between operator and client, rather than the commonly understood “zap it and leave” approach.

Manufacturers are now fully on board with the change, which advocates a coordinated programme of proofing, removal of shelter and alternative food sources, increased vigilance and use of mechanical traps.

This requires that pest controllers should broaden their services to their clients by designing pest management plans for them to follow and enter into longer term arrangements involving scheduled visits and regular checks.

Stephen Jacob, chief executive of PROMPT, said: “The common perception of our industry is that operators only come on site in the event of an infestation, which they deal with and leave, with the idea being that the problem has been eradicated.

“However, we all know that eradication is only a short-term fix and, without a proper programme of prevention and vigilance, the pest problem will return.

“Not only is this detrimental to our members’ customers’ interests, it undermines the faith that business owners and the general public have in our industry and can enable less qualified and undertrained operators to make a living.”

The PROMPT register grew from BASIS activity, which began life 40 years ago to encourage agronomists serving the agriculture and horticulture industries to seek regular training in order to benefit their CPD.

Stephen said: “BASIS has been extremely successful over the past four decades, during which the horticulture and agriculture industries have very successfully moved from a conventional to an IPM approach.

“The more reputable operators and manufacturers within the domestic and commercial pest control already made the same move and, if we are to continue to improve standards in the industry, we have a duty to our members to follow suit in order to drive up standards within the industry.

“We wanted to change our strapline to keep abreast of our ever-changing industry and this is the perfect time for us to talk about pest management.

“We are excited about the prospect of working with our members to help them make the same move.”

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