Bayer offers BASIS PROMPT point at PestTech

Pest Controllers heading to this year’s PestTech event, on 15 November, will not be disappointed with the innovative solutions showcased by Bayer, as well as the opportunity to gain an additional BASIS PROMPT point by completing a questionnaire on the stand (E).

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and stewardship will be the core themes on the stand, including the latest products that have a strong fit with the modern IPM approach. The questionnaire then offers the chance for visitors to test their knowledge by answering questions around the key topics.

New monitoring bait

The Bayer Pest Solutions Team will be on hand throughout the event to assist in point collection as well as discuss the first non-toxic monitoring bait from Bayer.

“Harmonix® Monitoring Paste is set to change the way rodent activity is detected and fits perfectly into any IPM programme. It also promises to take away the stress of excess paperwork for pest controllers working at sensitive sites,” says Richard Moseley, Bayer technical manager.

“The new monitoring bait is hypoallergenic, and has been certified by HACCP International, as approved for use in food manufacturing premises.

“The bait is free of the top eight allergens, and the independent HACCP certificate can be supplied to the site manager, as evidence of its suitability for use in the food industry, saving on additional paperwork for the pest controller.”

Proven first-generation rodenticide

Also being featured on the Bayer stand will be Racumin® Paste, which was successfully launched earlier this year at PestEx.

According to Richard the newest first-generation rodenticide from Bayer presents pest controllers with an alternative to second-generation anticoagulants, which helps to meet CRRU stewardship guidelines.

“Racumin® Paste is one of the few products that can be used both in and around buildings, as well as open areas,” adds Richard.

“With the pest controllers’ ‘toolbox’ of control measures diminishing, due to product withdrawals from the market, the addition of this new highly palatable rodenticide has been warmly welcomed by the industry.”

If you have any pest control related questions, or want to find out more, please visit the Bayer stand (E), at PestTech on 15 November, or alternatively visit