Pest Control Operators (PCO’s) can turn to Bell for a better, more professional way to trap mice with the new Trapper Hidden Kill Mouse Trap. This new mousetrap was designed with a quick, no mess capture and kill mechanism that is an upgrade from wood traps, all at an exceptional value.

As professionalism and discretion become more of a priority in trapping programs, the Hidden Kill has a variety of features that lends itself to just this. With a stealthy, low-profile design it blends into a variety of surroundings. Built with a fully enclosed capture area, it keeps the captured mouse hidden inside.

With Product Stewardship at the forefront of PCO’s mind in the U.K, the need for new and innovative non-chemical control products has become more of a priority. “Bell has always been a leader in developing products for a non-toxic approach to rodent elimination,” said Brady Hudson, Bell’s U.K., Ireland and South Africa Market Manager. “We are incredibly proud to add a unique and complimentary trap to our product range to offer yet another tool for PCO’s to utilize in their trapping programs. The Hidden Kill is a discreet and low profile trap with a fully enclosed kill, an excellent option for both domestic and commercial accounts.”

Other features of the Trapper Hidden Kill include:

  • Easy, no touch disposal
  • Two-way entry allows mice to enter from either direction
  • Innovative design for optional corner placement
  • Removable bait cup for safe and easy baiting

The Hidden Kill is a premium quality trap that is built to withstand a variety of baiting environments. Yet, at a price to comparable to wood traps, the Hidden Kill is an economical option for PMPs looking for both a professional and value-priced mousetrap. “Hidden Kill provides PMP’s an opportunity to offer a higher value mouse trapping service, differentiating themselves from competition and doing so with little to no added costs,” said Todd Butzow, Bell’s Vice President of Marketing. “It really is one of those rare “win-win” situations.”