CRRU Ireland publish RODENT PEST MANAGEMENT RECORDS – Planning and Implementation

The most recent publication of CRRU Irl  – RODENT PEST MANAGEMENT RECORDS – Planning and Implementation has just been published on the CRRU Irl website –

Recording the actions, conclusions and decisions made by pest management trained professional users (PMU’s) and by professional users such as farmers, Gun Club Members and Gamekeepers to control rodents on sites they work on, is essential for both management purposes and to facilitate auditing and compliance inspections by regulatory authorities. This publication details the essential elements required to document compliance with best practice in rodent pest management.

Recording systems, whether in electronic or hard copy format, which are currently in place should be reviewed to ensure that they capture all required elements. This applies to both the recording systems used by PMU’s and those in use by farmers and other professional rodenticide users whether using a Bord Bia, IGAS or other recording system.

The publication includes a complete recording system. Its use facilitates the adoption of an Integrated Pest Management approach and the selection of the rodent pest elimination technique that is effective but has least impact on the environment. Separate forms for the recording of on-going Monitoring activities and of Treatment (pest elimination) records are included.

The Appendices include forms for use in assessing risks for workers and bystanders, and for assessing environmental risks in open-air sites. An advisory note is included which provides detailed advice on conducting environmental risk assessments.

This publication can be freely downloaded from the CRRU website