Dolphin Pub Closed Due to Rodent Infestation

The Dolphin pub, based in Portsmouth, was found to have filthy kitchen conditions infested by mice. Environmental Health Officers visited the pub following a ‘tip-off’ to find mouse droppings in the kitchen, in food, in cupboards, under work benches and behind freezers. Droppings were also found on the shelves in the bar where glasses were kept and on the floor of the restaurant. During the investigation the officers came across a dead mouse.

Amongst the mouse infestation were other failings including no soap or paper towels by the kitchen hand basin, no food safety records and damaged flooring that could not be properly cleaned.

The pub escaped being closed down after the owners volunteered to close to resolve the filthy conditions and pest- proof the premises. However, further inspections showed continuing problems.

The council made the decision to prosecute because the owners had failed to explain the poor standards of cleanliness and the pest problem and had placed the customers’ health at risk.

Ian Young and Dale Alan both admitted to seven offences under food hygiene regulations at Portsmouth Magistrates Court. They each received fines of £3,500 with £890 costs.