Fast acting Ridmus Alpha proves knock out for mice

Ridmus Alpha is the new fast acting rodenticide from Syngenta Professional Solutions, specifically designed to rapidly control house mice infestations.

The palatable formulation of highly potent alpha-chloralose can give almost instant results, from an incredibly low intake of Ridmus® Alpha.

Ridmus Alpha targets the nervous system of house mice, to induce drowsiness and coma within minutes of intake, quickly followed by death. Trials have shown higher levels of acceptance by mice, along with working at warmer environmental temperatures that have previously challenged fast-acting mouse control options.

Research has shown just 0.2g of Ridmus Alpha bait can prove sufficient to control house mice. User experience has shown just a tooth scratch from a single feed of bait can prove sufficient for control. The unique combination of fats in the formulation has made it particularly palatable for mice.

The indoor only use and rapid results means treated mice are typically easier to find and clear up, which results in low risk of environmental exposure from the product. There is no known resistance to Ridmus Alpha.

The advantages of Ridmus Alpha make it the ideal option for operators seeking rapid results, from a single mouse in a domestic situation, to large infestations in commercial properties, advocated Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta Professional Solutions Business Manager for UK and Ireland.

“Customers will be impressed by the knock-down achieved with Ridmus Alpha, which can be far more visible than slower acting rodenticides or trapping,” he added. “Operators should be prepared to make rapid follow-up visits after treatment.”

Syngenta Technical Manager, Kai Seivert, advised that Ridmus Alpha offers valuable resistance busting technology – countering issues where mouse populations are poorly controlled by anti-coagulants. “Furthermore, it will reduce the use of second-generation rodenticides to limit their environmental exposure and protect against any development of resistance.”

“For optimum results Ridmus Alpha must always be used in sealed tamper proof bait boxes and offered as the only bait available. Typically more bait points would be used, compared to conventional rodenticides, but requires only eight grammes of bait per box.

“For large infestations Ridmus Alpha can give an initial rapid kill, followed by a switch to an anti-resistance Talon product to complete the control programme,” he advocated. With less intensive mouse infestations, operators should switch to a monitoring bait when consumption of Ridmus Alpha ceases.

Available now, Ridmus Alpha is supplied in 300g tubes, to fit most standard application guns.