Fendona 6SC – Product Update

BASF, the manufacturer of Fendona 6SC, have submitted new dossiers to support the renewal of Fendona 6SC. Evaluation of the dossiers is complete and new authorisations have been granted, but for uses only in poultry houses against a limited range of pest species. The existing urban pest control uses have not been approved due to a procedural irregularity on the part of the reference member state Greece.

BASF have therefore taken the decision not it introduce the new product label onto the market.

Existing stocks of Fendona 6SC will be phased out as follows:
12th January 2020 – last date for sale and supply
16th July 2020 – last date for storage, use and disposal

BASF are pursuing activities to extend the uses of these products to include urban pest control, and further updates will follow.