The latest on Ficam® D

Ficam® D
The Bayer product Ficam® D has been successfully re-authorised through the Biocidal Product Registration process and continues to be available on the UK market with a new registration number (UK-2018-1136).

The Irish authorities have now also granted a new registration for Ficam® D (IE/BPA 70406), and Bayer hope to return to a dual label in the near future.

It is important to note that the re-authorised of Ficam® D was a challenging process, and the fact that this product continues to be available to professional pest controllers until July 2028 is in part due to the extensive work undertaken by the Bayer regulatory team both in the UK and abroad.

Key Changes

  • Ficam® D is now only registered for ants, wasps and hornets (including Asian Hornet). The application rates for these species are clearly defined on the label. Although it is disappointing to lose any species from a product label the key target species for this product are still covered by the label.
  • Ficam® D is now an indoor use only product. However, after communication with the competent authority (HSE) Bayer can confirm that internal applications can be applied from external locations with suitable application equipment and PPE. Bayer believe that this will allow professional pest controllers to control target species in most treatment scenarios.
  • The new Ficam® D label contains several new requirements that were required by the competent authority, such as sheeting beneath treatment areas etc. Bayer advise that all users of the new label product check the new requirements carefully and contact the Bayer Pest Solutions team for further information if required.
  • Asian Hornet has been added to the new Ficam® D label. Bayer continues to work closely with both DEFRA and the HSE to determine a process that will allow Ficam® D to remain the product of choice for the control of this non-native invasive species outdoors by DEFRA.

Alternative Products/Treatments
The new Ficam® D registration means that external wasp nests, for example in trees, can no longer be treated with Ficam® D. However, it is registered until 2028 and has a well-earned reputation for superior control of wasps, with the key benefit of not agitating the target species, which increases operator safety.

In our industry we are now entering the re-authorisation period for many insecticide products and, over the last few years, have seen the introduction of label changes during the re-authorisation of other pest control products. Due to the ever-changing regulatory environment, a review of the existing product labels and safety data sheets is recommended to ensure that the product of choice is still approved for the use it is intended for.
Phrases such as ‘in and around buildings’ and ‘do not contaminate ground’ may impact on the suitability of outdoor use of products.

Bayer New Product
Bayer are committed to providing the professional pest management industry with a strong future pipeline of new and innovative pest control products. One of their most recent developments to achieve a registration in the United Kingdom is the new insecticide, K-Othrine® Flexx, a liquid deltamethrin based residual insecticide. Bayer has confirmed that more information will be released in due course.

Bayer are keen to specifically draw your attention to the following section of the label:
K-Othrine® Flexx – OUTDOOR USE
Wasps – in nest (hanging under the roof and on the tree)

Outdoor Wasps in nest
(hanging under the roof and on the tree)
10 ml of the product in water up to 1 litre Apply the working solution at a rate of 200 ml per m2 to achieve 50mg Deltamethrin/nest. Complete nest elimination is achieved within 1-2 weeks. Perform the treatment once.

To the best of Bayer’s knowledge, no other product label is so specific about wasp nests and offers this level of detail regarding application to external nests. Bayer believe that this new product will offer professional pest controllers a clear treatment option for free hanging wasp nests, and we are confident that this product will be available for purchase before the onset of the 2019 wasp season.