Job Vacancy: Pest Control Dog Control Operative

Dog Warden and Pest Control Operative

Service: Place Directorate
Salary: TBC
Reporting to: Pest Control / Dog Warden Operative
Location: Various
Hours: 36 hours per week

About the role

  • You will work in accordance with national and local policies and procedures, and use the law, regulatory and statutory guidance, in particular; legislation concerned with Pest Control and Animal Welfare including the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, Animal Health Welfare Act 1981, Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, Anti- Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and other associated legislation, including the issuing of Statutory and Fixed Penalty Notices.
  • You will effectively manage a caseload to identify common pests, including associated objectionable odours and to carry out disinfestations, proofing work and cleaning procedures to land, premises, or vehicles as required.
  • You will offer advice and where required enforce dog-related legislation including the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices, provide evidence/statements and appear in Court when necessary.
  • You will investigate problems caused by dogs including dog fouling and stray dogs and have responsibility for the well-being of all animals whilst in the care of the Dog Warden.
  • You will prepare and produce a written documentation to required quality standards on behalf of the City Council.
  • You will be responsible for the safe keeping, maintenance and use of the kennels, pesticides, applicators, safety and personal protective equipment, other tools/materials, communication and other equipment supplied.
  • You will work without direct supervision and organise efficiently the daily work activities including route planning and other work as directed.
  • You will drive a council vehicle as required and carry out routine daily checks and be responsible for the vehicle’s safekeeping whilst in their charge.

Key outcomes

  • You will work to the highest standard in line with the Council’s Employee Code of Conduct, and other relevant policies.
  • You will maintain timely and accurate recording of work undertaken in client information systems, having regard to the GDPR and associated policies.
  • You will be aware of and apply Salford’s values at all times.
  • You will take responsibility for your own continuing professional development and support the development of others.
  • You will demonstrate a personal commitment to reflective practice, self development and team improvement.
  • Through personal example, open commitment and clear action, you will ensure diversity is positively valued, resulting in equal access and treatment in employment, service delivery and communications.

What we need from you

  • Undertake a course of theoretical and practical training if required, at a College leading to and sitting the examination for the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (RSPH) Certificate in Pest Control or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of practical pest, rodent and insect control.
  • Knowledge of animal welfare and dog control.
  • Have the ability to use a range of equipment including power tools, computerised systems and mobile technology
  • The ability to erect and climb ladders, work at height in confined spaces in accordance with Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Ability to communicate equally, appropriately and effectively with a wide range of individuals and groups across all sectors and levels of society.
  • Ability to organise own time effectively, prioritising, preparing in advance and setting timescales. Ability to maintain focus and objectivity under pressure and skill in managing and maintaining own workload.
  • Ability to respond to immediate problems with associated risk factors and deliver solutions, sometimes under pressure in difficult situations.
  • A willingness and personal commitment to self-development.
  • Willingness to flexibly work outside of office hours as required by the needs of the service.
  • Ability to use IT systems to retrieve, record and update information and willingness to learn to use new systems
  • Understanding of relevant legalisation which informs health, safety and environment practice.
  • Possession of a full driving licence.

Application Guidance
Please tell us how you feel you have the skills, knowledge and experience to be successful in the role as outlined in the ‘About the role’ section and how these will put you in the position to deliver the key outcomes..

Some things to think about when applying:

  • We are a values based organisation so reflecting our values or a values based approach will support your progression to the next stage.
  • The ‘Key outcomes’ and ‘What we need from you’ sections are there to help you to understand what we would like to see reflected in your application and interview; however, we know you may not be able to reflect all of these in your application – don’t give up if this is the case.
  • We don’t expect a biography, we want to get to know you through the application process so tell us ‘your story’ so we can understand how you could be successful in the role.
  • We are all ‘human’ – we are looking for human beings not ‘robots’ so be yourself and let us get to know you.
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