Killgerm Chemicals UK Passes CRRU UK Point of Sale Audit

Killgerm Chemicals UK are proud to announce that they have successfully passed their first CRRU UK (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) Point of Sale Audit with flying colours.

The purpose of the CRRU UK Point of Sale Audit is to implement the stewardship regime’s core requirement for proof of competence checks at the point of sale for rodenticide baits. The audit was conducted independently by BASIS.

CRRU UK work with all rodenticide distributors to ensure installation of procedures are in place at the point of sale and to check that stewardship-approved qualifications are fulfilled by all purchasers and users of rodenticide baits.

CRRU UK and BASIS have worked together to devise and implement the independent audit procedure for compliance with point of sale requirements among all UK suppliers of ‘stewardship conditions’ rodenticide products.

Rupert Broome, Managing Director, commented, “Responsible product stewardship has always been a key focus for Killgerm, and full credit is due to the extensive efforts which our customer service team have made over many, many months to ensure we achieve this important milestone. Thank you to everyone in the business for their hard work, both to date and ongoing.”