Killgerm are delighted to announce the successful running of the first ‘Killgerm Principles of Rodent Control’ course through BASIS Registration, which has resulted in approved certification in line with UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime requirements. Robin Moss, the Head of Technical Services for Killgerm Chemicals said, “My BASIS registered and approved training staff developed this course based on the pre-existing Killgerm Principles of Rodent Control, which is approved with grandfathered status from 2004 – 2015 under the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime. With an eye to the future, we updated the content to take into account developments in stewardship and really focus in on the safe and effective use of rodenticides, alongside key issues such as the ‘risk hierarchy’ and environmental impacts of rodenticides.

“We also worked very hard with BASIS to make sure that rodenticide users in the public health pest control sector have access to this option, as stewardship approved and appropriate certification via an approved Awarding Organisation, with an examination that is fit for purpose.”

Robin was particularly keen to point out the support of Killgerm staff to the industry, regarding the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime, “Killgerm are extremely well-placed to have developed this certification option in conjunction with BASIS, as our support to the industry regarding stewardship has been significant.”

When questioned further about the Killgerm Principles of Rodent Control, Robin said, “This is more than just training, the fee includes an online BASIS examination and a free resit (should it be required), so candidates are getting really good value for money.

“We are already looking beyond the demands of certification. The next challenge is to deliver on Continuing Professional Development, which is part of the responsible use of rodenticides. With this in mind, candidates who complete this certification receive an initial period of BASIS associate membership in the rodent category, included in the cost of the course.

“We are helping pest controllers to enjoy a long and successful career in the professional industry, rather than just providing certification.”