Killgerm to the Rescue

Killgerm have recently been asked to assist the UK-ISAR team by providing pest control training courses for selected team members.

The United Kingdom International Search & Rescue Team (UK-ISAR) is the official search and rescue response of the UK Government and is on call 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. The team responds to sudden onset disasters anywhere in the world and comprises of search and rescue specialists, medical personnel and engineers. The UK-ISAR team is supplied by 15 UK Fire and Rescue Services, who are responsible for providing logistical support to a new UK Emergency Medical Team. This includes the ability to undertake the safe and effective control of vectors such as rats and mosquitoes.

2 training courses have now been completed and all training has been to UK standards (including rodent control which meets the needs of stewardship).

Flying the flag for Killgerm were Company Biologist Mark Butler, Technical Manager Matthew Davies and Killgerm Consultant Moray Anderson.

Speaking about these events, Mark Butler said “Killgerm are delighted to have been selected to provide this important training which we feel was down to our collective skills and experiences. Not only has it allowed us to support such a worthwhile cause but it was also an enjoyable venture. We were hugely impressed with the discipline and practical abilities of the UK-ISAR Team. This is another demonstration of Killgerm’s versatility in providing such specialist training and it also represents a positive contribution from the pest control industry”

UK ISAR National Coordinator, Sean Moore OBE said “Killgerm have provided more than just quality training courses; they have used their expertise and vast experience to not only deliver the basics of vector and pest control but to also provide additional advice on equipment, techniques and ongoing professional development. This is a new area of work for our team to ensure that patients and staff are fully protected during some of the world’s worst disasters, and we are extremely thankful for the professional service delivered by the Killgerm team”