Lantra withdraws approval from ‘customised’ Rodent Control on Farms training

With effect from 01 March 2018, one of UK Rodenticide Stewardship’s formal Awarding Organisations for training, Lantra, has withdrawn approval from any ‘customised’ variants of its own Rodent Control on Farms course. The standard course is unaffected.

Stewardship co-ordinator the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use confirms that course certificates stating, ‘customised provision’ dated 28 February 2018 or earlier are valid as proof of competence for purchasing stewardship label rodenticides.

Since that date, CRRU says it cannot be certain that no customised courses have taken place, even though this is unlikely. To ensure supply chain point of sale controls can cover the change, CRRU states that all retail outlets are being briefed by rodenticide manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

The CRRU UK website ( has been updated accordingly.