Local residents in Hounslow sue Thames Water over mosquito nuisance

Local residents in Hounslow have suffered from a mosquito problem which they claim comes from Thames Water’s Mogden Sewage Treatment Works. Pest control experts have been trying to control the infestation for some years but only with limited success. The residents have also claimed that they have suffered from odour problems caused by the Mogden works and that their human rights have been breached.

The case was brought in the High Court of Justice in London and on the 8th December 2011, Mr Justice Ramsey outlined the problems and gave his judgment.

Clive Boase acted as expert witness for the residents and Ian Burgess as the expert witness for Thames Water.

He found that Thames Water had taken steps to control the problem and was not responsible for the mosquito nuisance but the steps taken to control the odour problem were insufficient and so they were responsible for the odour nuisance and this breached the claimants’ human rights. He awarded them a total of £20,250.

Full details of the mosquito aspect of the claim and the judgment can be downloaded from HERE