New first generation rodenticide launched at PestEx

The launch of a new rodenticide containing a first-generation anticoagulant, presents pest controllers with an effective alternative to second generation anticoagulants, and can be applied in and around buildings and in open areas.

Racumin® Paste will join the hugely popular Racumin® Foam – the innovative foam-based rodenticide, that’s seen unprecedented sales since its launch in 2014. “This new first generation anticoagulant has a lower risk to both primary and secondary poisoning for non-target animals in most situations,” says Bayer technical manager, Richard Moseley.

The new launch from Bayer, offers another alternative product to a diminishing ‘toolbox’ of control measures. “Products have been withdrawn from the market at a rapid rate since about 2008,” says Richard. “This new product will help fill the void and add another tool to the armoury for pest controllers going forward.”

The product is approved for use in and around buildings, and in open areas. “An open area is an urban, suburban or rural space that is not directly associated with a building, and there are currently a limited number of products available for use in these spaces. Racumin® Paste therefore offers a real opportunity for pest controllers,” says Richard.

Alan Morris, Bayer country head, adds that although there are some industry concerns about resistance with first generation rodenticides, Racumin® Paste has proven to challenge these beliefs.

“One pest controller was tasked with the particularly difficult job of controlling a rat infestation at a site near Newbury, with known resistance. After trying everything else, and failing, he was able to gain control using coumatetralyl, which is the active ingredient in Racumin® Paste.”

A highly palatable soft block formulation due to its high food grade ingredients, Racumin® Paste is a ready to use product that’s convenient for handling, which reduces operator exposure. The multi-feed product contains 0.0375% w/w coumatetralyl.
For more information about Racumin® Paste, please visit or call a member of the Pest Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451.