New regulations on “cookies”

Almost every website you visit is keeping track of you. Sometimes it is simply to operate a shopping basket facility or remember your password as you log on: other times it is to build up a comprehensive database of your tastes. This it does using web ‘cookies’ and the law on their use on internet websites changed this month.

The new regulations distinguish between cookies that are strictly necessary for a website to function; those necessary for a site to monitor its ‘performance’; cookies that add ‘functionality’ such as remembering a password; and ‘targeting cookies’, which collect several pieces of information about users’ browsing habits.

Websites which collect targeting cookies must now notify those using them that this type of cookie is being used.

Killgerm Group run some 35 industry websites, some of which are for Group companies and others are for the general benefit of the industry, such as the CRRU website.

They have issued a statement confirming that they only use session cookies, which for example record when a customer adds an item to their shopping basket. This is a necessary type of cookie and only last for the session. They are erased when the user closes the web browser. Their existence does not need to be formally notified.

Killgerm would always make customer aware of cookies that track or store their information permanently in the future.