News from BASF at PestTech Fast & Furious

On the BASF stand this year was a Scalextrics competition with a chance to win a Red Letter day experience.

The winner of the PestTech Storm Bait Stop Challenge, with a truly remarkable time of 35.66 seconds, including two stops in the racing circuit pits, was John Urwin who runs appropriately-named ASAP Vermin Control in Chipping, Norton.

With speed and wildlife safety, key elements of the service he offers across the south Midlands, John is a great fan of Storm Secure for fast and safe rural rodent control.

“I haven’t played with Scalextrics since I was a boy, but I couldn’t resist the Storm challenge at PestTech,” he said after his victory. “It had to be done. I’ll wait until the spring before taking my Red Letter Day experience. I must say I quite fancy an F1 event. Or maybe a tandem parachute jump.”