NPTA Course in Risk Assessment In Pest Control – at Church Farm Training Centre

Risk Assessments are required in all working situations and pest control presents unique challenges as technicians have to work in a very wide variety of potentially hazardous sites and with products that could cause significant damage to people and the environment. The pest control technician therefore has to have an in-depth understanding of the Hazards and their associated Risks that they are likely to encounter and how to draw up the paperwork that is now required. This course aims to equip the pest controller with the necessary understanding and skills.

The course will be carried out at the pest control special training facilities at Church Farm Training Centre, where numerous scenarios have been built to simulate a variety of situations that pest controllers could face. It is also home to the famous ‘Rat Farm’ which houses colonies of Brown Rats, Black Rats and House Mice which can be observed at close quarters. There are also colonies of numerous common insect pests that students can see.

Objective of the Course:
To ensure that the student understands the general concepts involved with assessing hazards and risks and knows how to draw up plans and associated paperwork to reduce these risks so that their pest control procedures can be carried out safely and effectively.

A. The Law and Risk Assessments:
Why we all need to produce Risk Assessments.
Presentation and group discussion

B. Assessing the Risks:
1. Posed by the products to technicians and their clients
a. the COSHH Assessment

2. Posed by the site/treatment programme to technicians, their clients and the public
a. the Site Specific Risk Assessment
b. the Generic Risk Assessment

3. Posed by the treatment to non-target animals and plants
a. the Environmental Risk Assessment

Presentation and group discussion

C. How to recognise Hazards and the Risks associated with them.
Presentation followed by practical activities in the Church Farm special ‘scenarios’.

D. How to Reduce the Risks of Hazards likely to be encountered in pest control work.
Presentation followed by practical activities

E. Protecting Yourself with Paperwork
a. Producing a COSHH Assessment from the Product Label and the Material Safety Data Sheet desk top exercises in drawing up COSHH Assessments
b. Producing a Site Specific Risk Assessment – practical exercise.
c. Producing some Generic Risk Assessments – desktop exercises in common pest control scenarios.
d. Producing an Environmental Risk Assessment, following the CRRU ERA template – practical exercise

The course will involve students in presentations plus interactive sessions where the students will carry out Risk Assessments in actual and simulated situations. Students should bring wet weather clothing as some exercises will take place outside.

The course will start at 09.00hrs and is expected to finish no later than 17.00hrs. Lunch is provided.

Non-NPTA Members £160.00 + VAT per student
NPTA Members £135.00 + VAT per student.
Payment is required no later than 14 days before the course is due to be run.

Next Course dates to be confirmed. Contact the NPTA office for further details.