Questions for Basis on the CPD scheme

What is a CPD scheme?
BASIS PROMPT is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme which provides a framework by which professional pest technicians maintain their knowledge and skills. Nowadays, most professional industries have established CPD processes that their members are required to follow.

How important is the independence of a CPD scheme?
The last day of training signals the beginning of lifelong learning. Regardless of your affiliation to a trade association or local authority a CPD scheme fit for the industry must maintain its independence from CPD activity that could be commercial at the point of access. BASIS is a registered charity founded to encourage and improve the safe and sustainable use of pesticides and that remit has been expanded to incorporate, amongst other things, pest management. As an awarding body appointed by the Health and Safety Executive, BASIS is in a unique position to provide an independent service to its members.

What do you think about competing CPD schemes in the professional pest control sector?
The most important thing to me is that as an industry we present to our customers and stakeholders a cohesive and aligned approach to managing a professional CPD mechanism and that is what we at BASIS are committed to achieving.

How important is the history and longevity of existing CPD schemes to their users?
Continuity should not be undervalued and with twenty years’ experience and industry input PROMPT has unrivalled experience in delivering both high levels of customer service and continuing innovation in response to members requests.

When did BASIS PROMPT start?
Discussions regarding the desire for a CPD scheme in the pest management industry were first held in 1998 and a steering committee was founded comprising of key stakeholders such as trade associations and local authority representatives. From those early talks BASIS was selected as an independent administrator with experience in the sector to manage the new register.

How many current members do BASIS PROMPT have?
At the end of 2018 we were delighted to report that PROMPT membership had grown to 5,000. A number that as an industry we should be incredibly proud of, after all it reflects that over 50% of Pest Technicians in the UK are keeping up to date and are competent to carry out their day to day pest management activities.

Following renewal at the start of this year we experienced a temporary dip in members, and it is very encouraging that as I write this today membership continues to grow and currently stands at 5027.

OK, time for some maths – approximately how many hours of learning / points have been amassed by BASIS PROMPT members in recent years?
Annually our members accrue over 100,000 CPD points and the equivalent number of hours of CPD activity. It’s an important metric that we can use to demonstrate the level of currency, professionalism and commitment within the pest management industry.

There seem to be more varied ways of maintaining CPD than in previous years – give us an example of some of the newer developments
There are many ways to take part in CPD including in-house training, visiting exhibitions such as PestTech, conferences, technical updates etc. Most manufacturers and distributors, such as Killgerm, have CPD available in a variety of forms, including online and paper tests. Increasingly our members are registering team briefings and inhouse activity for CPD status. Your employer will need to apply to be an event organiser, this can be done through the BASIS website at

To see if something qualifies, just contact the PROMPT team on 01335 301311

How is the new BASIS App changing things for your PROMPT members?
Accessing information on the go in this rapidly changing digital world is becoming a necessity. The membership app is being used more by members and although I can’t say too much at the moment, look out for further development over the coming year!

What are your personal CPD-related event highlights that are coming up this year in the pest control sector?
We always enjoy attending trade exhibitions and we will attend PestEx and PestTech in the autumn. Please do come and say hello because meeting our members is the most enjoyable part of the job, and let’s be honest, its our members that are the very the reason that we all do what we do here at BASIS PROMPT.

We noticed that BASIS recruited to strengthen its IT capabilities – what do people think of your new website and dedicated CPD hotline?
We are seeing increased usage of the BASIS PROMPT website and in particular its individual membership area. Feedback has been very encouraging and as always, the site will continue to be developed to increase membership value.

If you haven’t already used it the CPD hotline (01335 301311) I encourage you to do so. It has been a great success and Chrissie has received many calls from both members and event organisers. If you wish to discuss anything regarding your membership, or wish to join, please pick up the phone and talk to one of the BASIS team.