RAMPS new gas monitoring requirements

The Register of Accredited Metallic Phosphide Standards (RAMPS) has released a new bulletin on the new gas monitoring requirements.
As part of the tag label updates, additional gas monitoring requirements have been implemented to a new level of 0.01 ppm for phosphine clearance and are required for all metallic phosphides used for invertebrate fumigation in the EU, whether for food or feed applications (as a Plant Protection Product) or as a Biocide.

The following phrases are therefore now applicable to all fumigation uses of these materials.

Engineering control of operator exposure must be used where reasonably practicable in addition to the following personal protective equipment. * Operator must wear suitable protective clothing (coveralls) suitable protective gloves and suitable protective equipment when applying the product and re-entering treated areas before the phosphine gas air concentration is below 0.01ppm. (Full face) mask to at least EN 140 with a combination filter to at least EN 14387 B2P3, or equivalent.

and …

Keep all persons and animals out of the fumigation area and the adjacent areas into which gas might penetrate. Unprotected persons must be kept out of the treated areas until the phosphine concentration has fallen below the TLV of 0.01 ppm. There must be an airing-off period until the gas levels drop below the TLV of 0.01 ppm.

Because of these new gas monitoring requirements, RAMPS UK encourages all users of Aluminium phosphide to seek advice from their stockist as to the most suitable monitoring equipment to use.

To see the full bulletin, go to http://www.ramps-uk.org/downloads/Bulletin_11.pdf