Reminder: use up old stocks of Ficam D before 25 July

Pest controllers are being reminded to use up any stocks of Ficam D with old labels, displaying HSE 4829, by 25 July 2019.

The popular insecticide Ficam® D (UK-2018-1136), used for over 95% of wasp nest treatments, was re-approved with a new label earlier this year.

It was approved with the caveat that Ficam® D can only be applied indoors, which includes indoor nests that can be treated from outdoors.

For any queries on this, please contact the Bayer Pest Solutions Team at Email: or on 00800 1214 9451.

Important things to know about Ficam D

  • Ficam D is still on the market and has excellent efficacy
  • Internal treatments can be made from an external access point
  • 20-60g application rate
  • Tried and tested product with long heritage in the pest industry
  • Can be applied in houses, flats, hospitals, warehouses, factories and vehicles