SGARs : Next Steps

Pest Control News Workshop at PestTech
11am – 12pm Ballacraine Suite

Come join us at PestTech 2014 to hear the latest news on SGARs and the Stewardship Regime.

The HSE position is that they will move forward with the SGAR Stewardship Regime according to the proposals submitted on the 19th September. CRRU Chairman, Alan Buckle, commented, “Stewardship will go ahead but the details of implementation and timing are still to be determined.”

There to answer any questions will be Rupert Broome of Killgerm, Simon Forrester from the BPCA, Iain Turner from the NPTA and David Oldbury representing NPAP.
If you are interested in hearing more about this vital topic, attendance at the Pest Control News Workshop at this year’s PestTech on the 5th November is absolutely essential. With such discussions planned on what is arguably the most important challenge faced by the industry in recent years, you really can’t afford to miss this.