Suterra LLC agrees to sell its UK industrial monitoring business to Curtis Gilmour Holding Co.

BEND, OREGON (December 21, 2015) – Suterra is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to sell its Treforest, Wales based business to Curtis Gilmour Holding Co. With this sale, Curtis Gilmour will acquire Agrisense Industrial Monitoring Ltd., which holds the assets, including the AgriSense® and Trappit® trademarks, employees and operations of Suterra’s UK facilities that manufacture and market pest monitoring products for the professional pest control and home and garden markets under the “AgriSense” and “Trappit” brand names. The deal is expected to close in January.

The acquisition will bolster Curtis Gilmour’s industry leadership position that includes ownership interests in other professional and retail pest control product and equipment companies. Suterra will continue to accelerate its investment in agricultural control technologies, as well pheromone-based control products for commercial markets.

“We are very pleased to see this business go into the capable hands of Curtis Gilmour” said Matthew Bohnert, President of Suterra. “This transaction makes great strategic sense for both companies and will allow the customers to continue to receive the quality products they expect. Curtis Gilmour will continue to build on its strengths in this area and Suterra will continue to invest in our core markets. I’m excited for the future of the customers and the employees of Suterra and the family of Curtis Gilmour companies.”

About Suterra LLC
Based in Bend, OR, Suterra® is the world’s leading provider of pheromone-based insect control products, offering organic, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for crop protection and commercial applications. Suterra’s portfolio of registered products is used on several hundred thousand acres and across six continents. Key company brands include CheckMate®, the mating disruption product line which includes sprayable pheromone formulations, dispensers, and Puffer® controlled release aerosols; BioLure®, for insect monitoring and trapping products; and, Magnet®, for attract and kill products that combine controlled release technology with trap design for integrated targeting systems. Suterra is wholly owned by The Wonderful Company, one of the world’s largest producers of nuts, citrus and pomegranates. To learn more, visit

About Agrisense Industrial Monitoring Ltd.
Agrisense Industrial Monitoring Ltd. manufactures and markets pest monitoring products for the professional pest control and home and garden markets under the “AgriSense” and “Trappit” brand names and will continue to operate from its Treforest, Wales premises under Curtis Gilmour ownership.