The Scottish Raptor Health Study & the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme

The Scottish Raptor Health Study In collaboration with a wide array of institutions, partners and citizens science support, the Scottish Raptor Health Study has received over 50 birds in its first year.  Post mortem examinations on all birds have unearthed unusual bacteria and parasites, injuries attributable to human infrastructure as well as mortality through competition and predation. They have started the analysis of chemicals in the tissues of these birds screening for heavy metals, rodenticides, poisons and a large array of pesticides and drugs in collaboration with Japanese, Swedish and British institutions.  They are currently preparing for a busy field season to take blood samples from golden eagle chicks across Scotland to screen for chemicals, as well as make health assessments on this years’ brood.
The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme reports results of incidents involving pesticides in a searchable spreadsheet which is published quarterly. All reported incidents identify whether pesticides found in an incident are the principle cause of the incident, or present at background or trace levels only.  Please see WIIS Quarterly Reports for full details.