Ticks – a growing problem

Elinor Bright is a student Environmental Health Practitioner currently in the third year of her degree, having spent the first 6 months of her placement year with Powys CC. She is presently with the Wales Directorate of the CIEH.

She will be talking at the PWIPM session at PestTech on the research she has undertaken on the risks caused by tick bites and potential of Lyme disease.

Her research was undertaken in two parts, the first focused on the vulnerability of those occupationally exposed to ticks and the steps their employers should take to protect them and the second established what action was being taken in respect of visitors using land owned or managed by local authorities or other organisations.

Given that tick infestations are growing and ticks are surviving in great numbers due to small changes in the climate this Elinor’s presentation addresses a highly significant issue. The PWIPM session starts at 2pm.