Training tally figures highlight industry professionalism

Latest figures from BASIS PROMPT reveal the commitment to training and professional development among members.

A total of 41,222 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points have already been accrued this year, from 741 events registered to date.

Stephen Jacob, chief executive of the professional register, says the tally demonstrates how professional technicians are taking the need for up-to-date training more seriously than ever before.

He said: “It shows that our members are committed to learning about the latest products and techniques and are keeping themselves up to date on changes to legislation and the rules on stewardship.

“It’s a clear demonstration of their professional approach and that can only be good news, both for the industry itself and the end-user.”

Mr Jacob believes the importance of ongoing training cannot be over-estimated.

He said: “It’s vital that professional technicians maintain or even improve their level of expertise every year.

“Techniques are being improved all the time while new products are frequently introduced to the market and there are changes in legislation so it’s imperative that professional operators stay abreast of the developments in what is a fast-moving industry.

“Training must enhance knowledge exchange on a broad front so members build on their expertise through CPD in a variety of ways and not just concentrate on a specific area.”

A key part of the CPD system is the auditing of both attendance and course quality and BASIS PROMPT ensure signed records are returned to them after each event.

Points are continually monitored but cannot be carried forward from one registration year to another, though members can review their individual record online and check their CPD points using the BASIS PROMPT mobile app.

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