UK Squirrel Accord New Website

UK Squirrel Accord launches new website and photography competition

UK Squirrel Accord (UKSA) has just launched its new and refreshed website:

New features
Along with pages of content on various relevant subjects, we have new facilities to help raise awareness that we hope you will find useful:

  • Blog: Our new blog enables signatories and stakeholders to share their knowledge and expertise on matters relating to UKSA and its aims.
  • Image gallery: Organisations and individuals have provided royalty-free images that are available for media use. Credit the relevant photographer or organisation whenever they are used.
  • Resources library: A collection of UKSA documents and links to external resources relevant to our aims. These include UKSA newsletters, position statements, best practice guides, action plans, strategies and research.
  • Donate: we are still fundraising to complete the grey squirrel fertility control research and are coming to the end of the second of the five-year research project – update available soon. We still need to raise £250,000 to complete the project and have created a donate page with PayPal and other options if you can help us reach our target.

Photography competition
To celebrate the launch of the new website and add images to our gallery, we are running a photography competition to win a selection of goodies donated by various signatories and stakeholders. Can you help us fill our image gallery? Deadline for entries is midnight on 04 October – the week after Red Squirrel Awareness Week. Please send to via email or WeTransfer.

To help us create this useful and educational resource we are looking for images of healthy and infected red squirrels, conservation tools (e.g. feeders, nest boxes, etc.), grey squirrels, bark stripping damage, healthy trees and woods, and people in action (e.g. volunteers carrying out monitoring and land managers carrying out conservation or forestry operations).

Please only submit images you are happy to appear in our image gallery, which is a resource for royalty-free images available for media use. Your work will be credited with your name and our terms of use require anyone using it to credit it appropriately.

Keep in touch
If you would like to contribute any images or see any resources added to the library, are interested in writing a blog, getting involved with fundraising for the fertility control research, receiving our newsletter or being added to our email interest group please contact us at:

Old website
If you enter and the old website pops up, it may be because it is still saved in your browser cache as you have visited the site before. You may need to remove it from your cache by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the reload button on your browser to reload to the new site.

About UK Squirrel Accord
The UK Squirrel Accord (UKSA) is a UK-wide partnership of 37 leading conservation and forestry organisations, Government agencies and companies, with links to voluntary red squirrel conservation groups.

UKSA works collaboratively to preserve the UK’s wooded landscapes and associated biodiversity under the following aims to:

  • Secure and expand UK red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, populations beyond current thresholds.
  • Ensure UK woodlands flourish and deliver multiple benefits for future generations of wildlife and people.

UK Squirrel Accord is a diverse partnership that represents a range of sectors as well as viewpoints. Communications, publications, blog posts and other statements and documents made or published on this website or under the name of the UK Squirrel Accord in any other location must not be taken as reflecting the views of all or any particular signatories to the Accord.

For further information, please see our website or email